Umat Islam banyak yang keliru dengan lokasi masjid al-aqsa. Konon, menurut info, yahudi telah menyebarkan foto menyesatkan bahwa kubah batu “Dome of the rock”/ Qubbat As-Sakrah adalah Masjid al-Aqsa. Padahal bukan, masjid al-Aqsa adalah bagunan di sebelah kubah batu kira2 berjarak 200m. Dua gambar di bawah ini adalah lokasi Masjid Al Aqsa dan Kubah Batu yang sebenarnya. Bangunan dengan Kubah yang berwarna kuning adalah Kubah Batu (Qubbat As-Sakrah) Sedangkan bangunan yang disebelahnya itulah MASJIDIL AQSA (lihat keterangan gambar)

Berikut kutipan surat yang menjelaskan tentang masjid al aqsa dan konspirasi Yahudi untuk menghancurkan dan menguasai tempat yang pernah menjadi kiblat umat Islam.

Well this is some important information I think for all muslims of the world.

A message from Dr. Marwan Saeed Saleh Abu Al-Rub

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Zayed University

Dubai – UAE

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Here is the translation of a letter in Arabic sent by Dr.Marwan to the chief editor of ‘Al-Dastour’ daily and a photo of ‘Al-Aqsa Masjid’ and ‘Dome of the Rock’. Be cautious and beware of Zionist plans about Al-Aqsa Masjid.

Don’t let them succeed in their plans.

Quote: Dear Editor in chief Al-Dastour

Please publish the note below:

There is a noticeable confusion between ‘Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa’ and the Dome of he Rock’. Whenever there is a mention to Al-Aqsa Mosque in the local and international media, the picture of the Dome of the Rock appears instead.

The main reason of this is the public ignorance which is in line with the Israeli plans. This observation was consistent during my stay in the USA where I was informed that Zionists in America print and distribute such pictures and sell it to the Arabs and Muslims, some times at a very cheap price and some times for free so that Muslims can post it every where, in their homes and offices.

This confirmed to me the conclusion that Israel wants to vanish the picture of Al-Aqsa mosque from the minds of people, so they can destroy it and build their temple without any publicity. And if anyone condemn or complain, then Israel will show live the picture of the ‘Dome’ and reply that they didn’t do anything.

What a plan! I was also shocked when I asked some Arabs, Muslims and even Palestinians and found out they can’t differentiate between the two holy sites.

This really made me feel pity and sad that the Israelis succeeded until now in their plans!

Dr. Marwan Saeed Saleh Abu Al-Rub

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Zayed University

Dubai – UAE

Please educate your friends on heinous Zionist plans against Islam and Muslim.