Asalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb…

Hi.. I’m Renta Dwi Ardhana, my friends called me Renta. I was born in Kediri, East Java, the “tempe n tahu” city. I got my graduate from UGM. majoring in Agricultural Engineering, now I’m studying at the same university but another major. I took my MBA in 2006 majoring in Strategic Risk Management especially for nonfinance risk management.

I started my family in August 2008, now I have one son. He was born in Yogyakarta 10 Aug 2009. His name is Rijal Aryasatya Ardhana. Today is the most beautiful chapter of my life, I have the best & most beatiful wife and a “chubby” son, I have a peaceful family.

Now, I’m working at PT ISP in Jakarta. If you have a new business ideas please visit me at Mega Plaza Building, 12 floor. Rasuna Said street, Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia. Or contact me at +62 021 521 2966 ext. 118. Very glad to see you..